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The Compassion by Design Needs Assessment/ reFOCUS Edition is designed for churches that are committed to reaching their community in a new way. For many leaders in churches that need revitalization and those that simply want to move into the next season of church life with a more external and community based approach, the needs assessment provides an opportunity to develop real insight into the needs of the community, as well as the development of a community focus and outreach “DNA” within the church itself. In the Compassion by Design approach to creating external focus a needs assessment is the first step towards the purposeful inclusion of community service in your church. Not only it is the first step, it is the right step.

Comes with Tools and Templates CD.


Rapid Community Assessment is a focused and brief needs assessment approach for community ministries, churches, church planters and non profit organizations designed to increase insight and prepare for action to engage your community through missional service. By combining the process of traditional needs assessment with a team approach to listening, Rapid Community Assessment allows an organization that wants to make a difference to get the real story on needs and opportunities, what is really needed and where they can best make a difference. This book is designed for use by small groups, volunteer leaders, young churches and larger ministries seeking to take action based upon real insight. The process mobilizes volunteers into the missional act of listening and opens doorways to service using five simple steps.

Comes with Tools and Templates CD.

RCACommuThe people we are committed to help need the resources, volunteer efforts and financial support of our communities, but how do we get past the noise and numerous competing messages to get attention and build momentum that will create change? In an era of networked consumers, crowd sourcing and continuous partial attention, we need fresh ways to engage and keep community members focused on the needs and opportunities at our front door. The answer is to engage your community in a discovery process that allows people to participate not only by discovering new ways to help, but by seeing first hand the challenges your organization seeks to overcome. Based upon best practices in community needs assessment, and built upon practice in the field for over 25 years, this workbook provides a step by step process for intentional community exploration and strategic focus. Rapid Community Assessment is a powerful tool for civic leaders, executive directors, board members, nonprofit staff and community organizations that want to build strong and healthy communities.

Comes with Tools and Templates CD.  For use with non-ministry related needs assessment and volunteers.

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